Sorting Definition window


Allows you to define a sorting order that includes fields from any of the tables associated with this report. If you don't create a sorting method, the report will be sorted by the key selected in the Report Definition window. Use the Key Definition window to view the segments of a key.

The sorting definition cannot be larger than 128 bytes. The size of the sorting definition is determined by the number of bytes in the storage size of each field you use. The limit on the number of records that can be sorted on a report is one million (1,000,000).

If you're using additional headers and footers on your report, we recommend that you not create a sorting definition. The fields available for additional headers and footers to break on in the Header/Footer Options window are drawn from the main table's key or the sorting method. If you create a sorting method or change the key used by the report, you could inadvertently delete an additional section.

Records will be sorted by the field or fields you select alphanumerically; that is, with numeric values appearing before alphabetical characters.

If none of the fields used to define the sorting order are from a secondary table, the report information drawn from that table will be sorted according to the key used to define that secondary table's relationship with the report's main table.

To display this window

In the Report Definition window, click Sort.

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