Report Restriction Definition window


Displays restriction definitions that limit the amount and type of data that's printed on reports. Restrictions can be used in addition to any default restrictions that may have been placed upon tables linked to the report. Restrictions can be used to make reports more efficient by specifying the exact information you want printed on a report, using fields, operators, constants and system-defined functions. The number of restrictions you can place on a report is limited only by the amount of memory available.

Before defining a restriction, it's a good idea to plan the restriction and write it out completely. Decide which fields, operators, constants and functions you'll need to express the restriction properly.

Restrictions added to a report using the Dexterity Report Writer become part of the report definition. Restrictions added at runtime using the restriction clause of the run report or run report with name statements are used in addition to the restrictions defined in the report.

Refer to the following topic for more information about report restrictions:


To display this window

In the Report Definition window, click the Restrictions button to open the Report Restrictions window. Click New or Open to open the Report Restriction Definition window.

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