Table Relationship Definition window


Displays information about an existing table relationship and allows you to define additional relationships. Table relationships provide information about how records in different tables are related, through fields that are common to both. For instance, a complete record of an invoice can be printed on a report because a relationship is defined between the table containing the invoice number, and the table containing the invoice line items and detailed information about the line items.

Relationships between two tables must be defined before they can be linked to a report, using the Report Table Relationships window and Related Tables window. Once all the relationships for a table are defined, the tables related to a particular table will be displayed in the Related Tables window, allowing you to add them to the tables that can be used to create a report. Refer to the following topic for more information about table relationships:


To display this window

Open the definition of the table for which you want to define relationships. In the Table Definition window, click the Relationships button to open the Table Relationship window. Select an existing relationship and click Open, or click New to define a new relationship. The Table Relationship Definition window will open, and the name of the current table will appear in the Primary Table field.

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