Reference Information window


This window lists the resources and scripts a particular resource refers to, or resources and scripts that refer to the this resource. The information displayed is based on the choice you made from the References button.

As you make changes in your dictionary, the information in the reference information table is not automatically updated. Periodically, you will want to update this table to ensure that correct information is displayed in the Reference Information window.

To update reference information, open the Options window and display the Reference tab. Mark only the items you want to update. For example, if you have been changing scripts, but other resources are unchanged, mark only the Scripts item before you choose to build the table. If you aren't sure how up-to-date the reference information table is, you may want to clear the table before rebuilding it.

To display this window

In the Resource Explorer: Select a resource and choose Refers To or Referenced By from the References button drop list on the Resource Explorer toolbar.

From resource definition windows: Choose Refers To or Referenced By from the References button drop list that is displayed in resource definition windows.

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