Properties window


Two versions of the Properties window are available, one for window layout and another for report layout. Refer to the following topics for descriptions of each:


To set a property, use the arrow tool to select the window, report, or an object in the layout window. You can also choose an object by selecting it in the drop-down list at the top of the Properties window. An icon will appear next to the drop-down list to indicate the type of object selected.

Click the tab that indicates which type of property you want to view. To set a property, select it in the list and then change its value in the settings box. Setting the property value involves choosing a value from a drop-down list, typing a value, or using a lookup. Some properties can't have their values changed.

Double-clicking a property in the properties list is a shortcut to setting its value. For instance, double-clicking a property whose value is set with a drop-down list will set the property to the next value in the list.

Refer to the following topics for more information:


To display this window

When the Layout window is open, choose Properties from the Layout menu.

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