Header Options/Footer Options window


Displays information about additional headers and footers. This window also allows you to specify information about additional footers on reports, such as when they will be printed on the report, under what conditions they should be suppressed, and other options.

Additional headers and footers can be used to create groups of information on reports. For instance, an additional header can be used to display invoice IDs while the report body would contain the invoice line item information, and an additional footer would contain fields displaying the total amount of each invoice.

Additional footers can be used to create reports with more than one report body, to control the amount of information printed in each report body and to determine whether additional footers will be printed each time.

Refer to the following topic for more information about additional headers and footers:


To display this window

In the Layout window for a report, choose Report Section Options from the Tools menu. In the Report Section Options window, click New to create a new header or footer, or double-click an additional header or footer to edit its definition.

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