Expressions window


This window allows you to view the value of any valid sanScript expression. Simply type the expression in the Expression field and click Evaluate. If the expression can be evaluated, its value will be displayed in the Value field. Otherwise, the Value field will contain a message indicating the expression couldn't be evaluated.

You can also use the Expressions window to set the value of fields or variables in the application. Enter a sanScript expression indicating the item whose value you want to set, enter the value in the Value field, then click Set. Dexterity will attempt to set the item referenced by the expression to the value you entered. If the item can't be found or the value isn't valid, the Expressions window will beep.

The Expressions window can be accessed any time, regardless of whether the application is stopped at a breakpoint. If the application isn't stopped at a breakpoint, all expressions must be fully qualified. If the application is stopped at a breakpoint, you can qualify the expression the same way you would qualify expressions in the script where the application is currently stopped.

To display this window

Choose Expressions from the Debug menu.

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