Screen Output window


Allows you to view reports without printing them to a file or printer. If you mail reports, you must first print them to the screen.

When you print several reports, their printing locations will affect how long it takes them to be printed. For example, assume you've printed five reports to the following locations:




When printed

Report 1



Report 2



Report 3


After the Screen Output window for Report 1 is closed.

Report 4


After Report 3

Report 5


After Report 4

Report 1 will be printed first, and displayed in the Screen Output window. Report 2 is then printed to the printer. However, Report 3 can't be printed to the screen until you close the window where Report 1 is displayed, and Reports 4 and 5 won't be printed until Report 3 is printed to the screen.

To display this window

In the Resource Explorer: Select a report and choose Print from the Reports button drop list. The Report Destination window will appear. Mark the Screen destination option and click OK.

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