The COM_RegisterRunningObject() function adds the specified callback object to the running object table.


COM_RegisterRunningObject(callback_object, object_type)


• callback_object – A reference to the callback object to be added to the running object table.

object_type – A string specifying the name to be given to the object when it is added to the running object table. This is the name that must be used by external applications when they retrieve a reference to the callback object.

Return value

A long integer that identifies the COM object in the running object table.


The running object table is managed by the operating system. It maintains a list of all COM objects that can currently be accessed. For a callback object to be accessed by external applications, you must add it to the running object table.

If the callback object no longer needs to be accessed externally, use the COM_RevokeRunningObject() function to remove the callback object from the running object table.

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