The COM_DetachEventHandler() function detaches the event handler from a callback object in your Dexterity-based application. When an event handler is detached, your application no longer receives notifications of the event.


COM_DetachEventHandler(COM_reference, handler_id {, interface_id})


COM_reference – A reference to the object that registers the event and notifies the Dexterity application.

handler_id – A long integer that identifies the event handler. This is the value that was returned from the COM_AttachEventHandler() function.

interface_id – An optional string parameter that indicates the GUID for the class or interface that contains the event. Use this parameter if you attached to a specific interface that was not the default interface. If this parameter is not specified, the function will attempt to detach from the default source interface.

Return value

A boolean. True indicates the event handler was detached, while false indicates it was not.

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