The CommandBar_GetPosition() function retrieves the row and sequence of a toolbar that is based on the specified command list.


CommandBar_GetPosition(command_list_tag, sequence, row)


command_list_tag – The integer tag value specifying the command list that the toolbar whose position is being retrieved is based on.

sequence – A returned integer containing the relative position of the toolbar.

For applications using the multiple-document interface (MDI), the first toolbar in the upper-left corner has the sequence value 1. The toolbar next to it has the value 2, and so on for that row. The toolbars on the next row simply continue the sequence.

For applications using the single-document interface (SDI), the sequence is the horizontal distance of the left edge of the toolbar, measured in pixels from the left edge of the main window.

row – A returned integer containing the row that the toolbar is in. The value 1 indicates the first row.

Return value

A boolean. The value true indicates the position information was retrieved, while false indicates it was not.


This function is typically used to retrieve and save the positions of all the toolbars currently displayed in an application. The position information is later retrieved to re-create the same toolbar arrangement.

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