The Currency_SetNumberOfDecimals() function defines the number of digits that will appear to the right of the decimal separator when the specified multiformat value is applied to a currency field.


Currency_SetNumberOfDecimals(multiformat_value, dec_digits)


multiformat_value An integer value that you assign to the currency format being defined. If your application is integrating with Microsoft Dynamics GP, this value must be in the 3000-4999 range. If you’re creating a stand-alone application, this value must be in the 1000-2999 range.

dec_digits An integer specifying the number digits appearing to the right of the decimal. Valid values are in the range 0-5.

Return value

Integer specified in the dec_digits parameter.


If this function isn’t used, the operating system’s default for currency decimal places will be used, not the number of places specified in the format defined for the data type the currency field is based upon.

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