The Dict_CountCustomResource() function returns the number of forms in the forms dictionary, or the number of reports in the reports dictionary.


Dict_CountCustomResource(product_ID, resource_type)


product_ID – The product ID of the dictionary whose forms or reports dictionaries contain forms or reports you’re counting.

resource_type – An integer, represented by the following constants, indicating the resource type you want to count:





Count reports in the reports dictionary.


Count forms in the forms dictionary.

Return value

An integer indicating the number of forms or reports in the forms or reports dictionary.


With a form or report count, you can use the Dict_GetCustomResourceInfo() function to fill a list with resources from a selected series.

Counting forms or reports in a custom dictionary will work only if your application is opened with the runtime engine. Dexterity test mode has no provisions for accessing information for forms and reports dictionaries.

Check the availability of the custom dictionary using the Dict_LockCustom() function prior to using this function. Use the Dict_UnlockCustom() function to release the lock on a custom dictionary.

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