The Field_MarkListItems() function marks or unmarks the selected item in a non-native list box. An asterisk appears to the left of a marked item.




list_field The non-native list box field containing the item to mark.

Return value

The boolean value true.


Each item must be added to the list using the add item statement and should be preceded by a leading blank to allow appropriate space for the asterisk. The list should not contain static text values.

The following illustration shows how the non-native list box will appear when items in it are marked using this function:


In this illustration, the asterisk appears in place of the leading blank. Without the leading blank, the “i” in “item” would be replaced by the asterisk.

Use a nonproportional font, such as Courier, for items in a list box. Then items in the list will appear in alignment when displayed with or without an asterisk.

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