The Field_BDLAddToSubmenu() function adds an item to a submenu of a button drop list control.


Field_BDLAddToSubmenu(field, parent_ID, string_expression {, value})


field – A button drop list field.

parent_ID – The ID of the submenu to which the new item is being added. Use the constant BDL_ROOT if the item is being added at the first level of the button drop list.

string_expression – A string containing the text for the submenu item.

value – An optional long integer value that will be associated with new item. If this parameter isn’t used, 0 will be associated with the new item.

Return value

A boolean indicating the result; true indicates the item was successfully added, while false indicates it was not.


Each new item will be added to the end of the specified button drop list or submenu. The numeric position assigned to the new item is based on the order items were added to the button drop list.

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