The File_Count() function returns the number of files currently open, currently available and the maximum available for an application.


File_Count(files_available, max_files)


files_available A returned integer indicating the number of buffers available in an application at a given moment. This number is the max_files value less the number of open files.

max_files A returned integer indicating the maximum number of files that can be opened by an application on the current workstation. The maximum number of files will vary depending upon the computer, database type, and the operating system software you use.

Return value

An integer indicating the number of files currently open in an application.


Use this function to check whether enough file buffers are available before starting a process. The number of available file buffers is depleted whenever a table is opened. A large number of file buffers can be depleted in the following ways:

While it’s unlikely that a Dexterity application will encounter a file open limitation under normal processing, precautions should be taken to ensure that extensive processes that access several tables, such as posting, have enough buffer resources to run to completion.

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