The Import_GetNextField() function returns the value of the current field, and advances to the next field in the record. A field is a set of characters separated from other characters in the record by a comma or a tab.




file_ID – The unique file ID assigned by Import_OpenFile().

Return value

A string representing the text in the current field (not the field you’re advancing to). The maximum return value is 255 characters.

If you need to read more than 255 characters for a given field, use the TextFile_ReadText() function to read the field, instead.


This function moves to the next field in a text record. The following illustration shows how the Import_GetNextField() function interprets a comma-delimited text file:


Execute this function multiple times for the same record to return values for each field in the record. You ascertain the number of fields in the record using the num_fields parameter of the Import_OpenFile() function. Once you’ve read all the fields in the record, use Import_GetNextRecord() to advance to the next record. Then continue by using Import_GetNextField().

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