The IP_PingDPS() function “pings” a Process Server workstation to find out whether the Process Server is running. The “ping” procedure sends a small piece of data from one computer to another to test connectivity between the two.


IP_PingDPS(address, error_message)


address – The IP address of the Process Server you want to ping. This can be the IP number, or if name resolution exists for your system (such as a domain names server or a hosts file), the IP name.

error_message – A string describing the error that occurred if this function returns false. The message returned is “Server address is not available.” If this function returns true, error_message isn’t returned.

Return value

A boolean indicating the status: if true, the ping was successful and the connection between sending and receiving workstations is valid. If false, the ping wasn’t successful and no connection between the sending and receiving workstations exists.

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