The Launch_GetFileInfo() function fills list fields (fields that use a drop-down list, list box, non-native list or button drop list data type) with product names, product IDs and dictionary location IDs from the launch file. This function will work only when your application is opened with the runtime engine.


Launch_GetFileInfo(launch_file_location, product_ID, product_name, dictionary_location_ID)


launch_file_location A string representing the full generic path to the launch file, including the name of the launch file. Both the Launch_SelectFile() and Launch_GetFileName() functions return the full path and name of a launch file.

product_ID A list field filled with product IDs returned from launch_file_location.

product_name A list field filled with product names returned from launch_file_location.

dictionary_location_ID – A list field filled with dictionary location IDs returned from launch_file_location.

Return value

The boolean value true.


Product IDs, product names and dictionary location IDs are required parameters when you read a dictionary pathname using Launch_ReadDictPath() or change a dictionary pathname using Launch_WriteDictPath().

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