The Launch_SelectDict() function displays an operating system dialog box, from which you can select a dictionary location.


Launch_SelectDict(dictionary_name, pathname)


dictionary_name – The name of the dictionary as it will appear in the File Name field within the dialog box.

pathname A returned string for the generic path. The dictionary_name will appear at the end of this path.

Return value

A boolean indicating the result; true if the user selected a launch file, false if the user clicked Cancel.


The dialog box displays the dictionary_name in the File Name field. This name appears as a reference only and shouldn’t be modified.

Once a location is specified and the user clicks OK, the returned pathname includes the dictionary_name that initially appeared in the file dialog box.

You can add the pathname returned by this function to a launch file using the Launch_WriteDictPath() function. This pathname is in a generic format and must remain in this format when added to the launch file.

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