The ListView_ItemSetTimeSubitem() function sets the value of the additional component of a subitem to a time value.


ListView_ItemSetTimeSubitem(list_view_field, item_index, subitem, value)


list_view_field – The list view containing the specified item.

item_index – A long integer specifying the list view item for which a time subitem is being set.

subitem – An integer specifying the subitem to set. You can set the additional component for the label of a list view item by by specifying 0 as the subitem to set.

value – A time containing the new time value.

Return value

A boolean indicating whether the subitem was set. True indicates the subitem was set, while false indicates it was not.


Each subitem of a list view item can have a string , which is shown when the list view is displayed in report view mode. A subitem can also have a currency, integer, date, or time component that stores a value to be used for sorting the contents of the list.

By default, a list view will use the string component of a subitem when sorting a column in the list view. The list view items will be sorted in ASCII order, which may not be appropriate if the column contains currency, integer, date or time values. If the subitems in the column have currency, integer, date or time components, those will be used to sort the list, rather than the string values.

If a subitem has a currency, integer, date or time component, but no string component, the currency, integer, date or time component will be displayed in report view mode.

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