The MAPI_PropertyListGetValueByIndex() function retrieves the value of a property from the specified property list, based on the index.


MAPI_PropertyListGetValueByIndex(property_list_ID, index, property_ID, property_value)


property_list_ID – A long integer specifying the property list from which a value is being retrieved.

index – An integer specifying which property to return. The value 1 indicates the first property in the list.

property_ID – A returned long integer specifying the ID of the property that was retrieved.

property_value – A returned value containing the property value. The type will depend on the property being returned. If the data type of the variable that the MAPI property value is returned to does not match the data type of the MAPI property, no value will be returned.

Return value

A boolean. True indicates the property value was successfully returned, while false indicates it was not.


The MAPI properties are available in the library on MSDN ( They are also found in the MAPITags.h source file of the Windows SDK. The MAPI property values are found in the MAPIDefS.h source file of the Windows SDK.

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