The Printer_Define() function allows a user to define a new named printer destination. This function opens the Print Setup dialog box in which the user can select a printer, the print orientation, paper size and other printer options.




printer_settings – A text field into which all the printer-related options selected by the user are stored. The text field must have a keyable length of at least 5004 characters. The stored data includes information such as the printer’s name, the desired paper orientation, and whether to use a header page.

While the printer_settings field must be a text field, the data is stored in it will be unreadable if displayed.

Return value

A boolean value that is set depending upon which button was clicked to close the Print Setup window. True indicates the OK button was clicked. False indicates the Cancel button was clicked.


The data stored in the printer_settings parameter is typically saved in a table for use in the printer clause of the run report and run report with name statements.

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