The Resource_GetSubResourceName() function returns the name for a specified subresource of a primary resource.


Resource_GetSubResourceName(product_ID, primary_resource_type, primary_resource_ID, subresource_type, subresource_ID)


product_ID – An integer specifying the product ID of the dictionary from which the resource name is being retrieved.

primary_resource_type – An integer specifying a primary resource type. Specify MT_FORM for forms or MT_REPORT for reports.

primary_resource_ID – An integer specifying the resource ID of the primary resource that contains the subresource.

subresource_type – An integer specifying a secondary resource type. Use a constant value such as DT_COMMAND for commands.

subresource_ID – An integer specifying the resource ID of the subresource for which the name is being retrieved.

Return value

A string containing the resource name. If the resource can’t be found, the string [Not Found] is returned.

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