The Resource_GetDisplayName() function returns a string containing the display name of a specified resource in an application dictionary.


Resource_GetDisplayName(product_ID, resource_type, resource_ID)


product_ID – An integer specifying the product ID of the dictionary from which the resource display name is being retrieved.

resource_type – An integer specifying the type of resource to identify. Use one of the following constants:





Indicates a form.


Indicates a table.


Indicates a table group.


Indicates a report.

resource_ID An integer specifying the resource ID of the resource.

Return value

A string containing the display name of the resource. If there is no main window for the form, the string “[No Display Name]” is returned.


If you implement activity tracking in your application, you can use this function in conjunction with the Security procedure to retrieve the display name of a selected resource. The Security procedure runs each time a form, report, or table is accessed. A dictionary ID, resource type and a resource ID for the resource being accessed are automatically passed as in parameters for the Security procedure. With this information, Resource_GetDisplayName() can ascertain the resource’s display name, then store the name in an activity table (see the following example).

The resource_type parameter automatically passed to the Security procedure will indicate a form, report or table group, but not an individual table. To track table access, be sure you use place each table into a table group.

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