The SQL_FetchNext() function retrieves the next row from the current results set for the specified pass-through SQL connection.




SQL_connection – A long integer specifying the pass-through SQL connection.

Return value

A long integer indicating the status of the fetch operation. The value 0 indicates a row was successfully retrieved. The value 31 indicates there is no more data in the results set. Any other value indicates another error occurred while retrieving the next row in the results set.


You must execute the SQL_FetchNext() function one time to move to the first row in the current results set.


Once you have moved to the next row in a results set, you can’t return to the previous row. If the number of rows in the results set is not known, use the SQL_FetchNext() function to move to the next row in the results set until error 31 is returned.


Use the SQL_GetData() function to retrieve data from the current line in the results set.

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