The Table_FillList() function fills a list field (typically a list box or drop-down list) with the names of tables from the specified table group.


Table_FillList(product_ID, table_group_name, name_list)


product_ID – An integer specifying the product ID of the dictionary from which the table names are being retrieved.

table_group_name A string specifying the technical name of the table group.

name_list – A list field that’s filled with the technical names of the tables in the specified table group.

Return value

An integer containing the number of tables in the specified table group.


This function can display the tables that belong to a table group selected from a list that was filled by the Resource_FillSeriesList() function.

Table groups are a method of grouping related tables. You can create table groups using the Table Group Definition window in Dexterity.

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