The Table_DropProcedures() function drops the stored procedures for the specified table on a data source.


Table_DropProcedures(product_ID, table table_name)


product_ID – An integer specifying the product ID of the dictionary containing the table for which stored procedures will be dropped.

table table_name The table for which stored procedures will be dropped.

Return value

An integer indicating whether stored procedures were dropped. The result is 0 if the stored procedures were dropped successfully. Any other value indicates stored procedures could not be dropped.


Applications based on Dexterity 4.0 and later don’t require as many auto-generated stored procedures as applications based on Dexterity 3.X. If you created auto-generated stored procedures with Dexterity 3.X and executed the Table_DropProcedures() function from Dexterity 4.0 or later, not all of the stored procedures will be dropped. These “leftover” stored procedures from Dexterity 3.X aren’t used by Dexterity 4.0 or later, and will cause no problems; they simply take a small amount of space in the database.

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