The Table_EndShrink() function closes the shrink table and finishes the table shrink.


Table_EndShrink(product_ID, table table_name)


product_ID – An integer specifying the product ID of the dictionary containing the table being shrunk.

table table_name – The name of the original table being shrunk.

Return value

An integer containing the result of the function. The result is 0 if the shrink table was successfully closed.


This function is used to complete the table shrinking process. Shrinking is the process of removing unused space from a data table. The Table_CopyShrinkRecords() function copies the contents of the original table to the temporary table created with Table_StartShrink(). This transfer allows the temporary table to store only records from the original table; excess space in the original table isn’t transferred to the temporary table.

After the copy is complete, the Table_EndShrink() function completes the table shrink. Depending upon the location of the temporary table, Table_EndShrink() will do one of the following:

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