The TextFile_ReadText() function reads a specified number of characters from a text file opened by theTextFile_Open() function.


TextFile_ReadText(file_ID, length, return_string)


file_ID – An integer returned by TextFile_Open() that’s used to uniquely identify this file.

length – An integer indicating the number of characters to read in the text file. Up to 32767 characters can be read at a time.

return_string – A string containing the text returned from the text file.

Return value

A boolean indicating a file error status; true if a file error occurred, false if no file error occurred. If an error occurs, typically it will be an end-of-file (EOF) error.


Once this function reads the number of characters indicated by the length parameter, it sets the current position to immediately after the last character read. This function will include the end of line marker (a carriage return or carriage return/line feed combination) just as if they were ordinary characters.

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