The Window_ForceRedraw() function forces a window to be redrawn. Its primary use is to redraw a progress control window when it is first opened.


Window_ForceRedraw(window window_name)


window window_name – The name of the window to be redrawn.

Return value

The boolean value true.


During normal processing, a newly-opened window is not drawn until all foreground scripts have finished processing. This function redraws the window immediately after it is executed. Thus, it forces the window to be redisplayed, even while foreground script processing is occurring.

Typically once a window has been drawn, any set statements used to update window fields will automatically redraw the window. Thus, it is usually necessary to call the Window_ForceRedraw() function only once when the window is opened, rather than each time the window is updated.

Avoid setting the BackColor property for fields to Transparent. These fields are not updated automatically by the set statement. If you use fields that have the BackColor property set to Transparent, you must use Window_ForceRedraw() each time these fields are changed in order for the changes to be displayed.

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