The Window_SetBaseSize() function sets the size of the window without resizing any of the controls in the window.


Window_SetBaseSize(window name, h-size, v-size)


name – The name of the window to be resized.

h-size – An integer indicating the new horizontal width of the window, measured in pixels.

v-size An integer indicating the new vertical height of the window, measured in pixels.

Return value

A boolean. True indicates the window was resized, while false indicates it was not.


If one of the dimensions is to remain unchanged, use -1 as the parameter. If the window size is reduced, fields located outside the new size may no longer be accessible.

The Window_SetBaseSize() function will resize the window, regardless of how the Resizeable property for the window is set. To resize the window and also have the controls in the window resized, use the resize window statement.

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