The WinHelp_Search() function starts the help engine and searches for the specified keyword in the help file indicated.


WinHelp_Search(help_file, search_string)


help_file – A string containing the name and complete path to the help file to be searched. The path is in generic format.

search_string – A string containing the keyword to be searched for. If you want to display the Index tab without searching for a keyword, pass in an empty string ("") as the search string.

Return value

An integer indicating the status. If 0 is returned, no error occurred. If any other value is returned, an error occurred while attempting to start the search.


If there is one exact match for the keyword in the help file, that help topic is displayed. If there is more than one match, the Topics found dialog is displayed listing the topics with the keyword. If there is no match, the Index tab is displayed, allowing you to select a keyword from the list.

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