The WinHelp_ALinkLookup() function starts the help engine, indicating the help file to be used, and displays the topic corresponding to the ALink (associative link) value specified.


WinHelp_ALinkLookup(help_file, ALink)


help_file – A string containing the name and complete path to the help file to be accessed. The path is in generic format.

ALink – A string containing the ALink value that indicates which help topic to display.

Return value

An integer indicating the status. If 0 is returned, no error occurred. If any other value is returned, an error occurred while invoking help.


Associative links are used to identify topics in HTML Help files. They are useful in cases where the context number or HTML filename associated with the topic might change. The ALink can remain constant, allowing the topic to be found.

To display a topic using its ALink, you must know the ALink value that was defined for the topic in the help file.

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