The runtime engine

Just as an everyday dictionary is used to define specific words so we can interpret meaning and usage when communicating to others, the application dictionary is interpreted by a platform-specific runtime engine to present an application to end-users. Since the runtime engine is platform-specific, the dictionary resources are interpreted appropriately for each platform – you won’t be required to recompile or convert your application dictionary to provide cross-platform functionality. The following illustration shows the relationship among the Dexterity application, the application dictionary and the runtime engine:


When you complete the development process, you can rename the runtime engine (for instance, if your application is used to track customer leads, you can name the runtime engine LEADS.EXE), then provide the application dictionary and the runtime engine to your customers.

If you’re developing applications for use with Microsoft Dynamics™ GP, RUNTIME.EXE is the same runtime engine used to run that product.

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