The tools built into the Dexterity system can be utilized by any Dexterity application. They allow you to extend the capability of your application to provide features such as end-user customizations.

Modifier with VBA

The Modifier is an interface customization tool that’s available to your application’s users. This tool allows users to customize forms, windows and other resources in your application dictionary without changing the logic or functionality of the application. In this respect, the Modifier functions much like Dexterity, but without the ability to write or change scripts.

The Modifier also has embedded support for Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA). You can license VBA and include it with your application to provide increased customization capabilities.

Report Writer

Report Writer is a report generation and customization tool available to your application’s users. This tool is similar to the Dexterity Report Writer, allowing users access to the same tools you use to create your application’s reports. Users can design reports based on original reports in your application, create copies of your original reports, change a report’s layout, add new functionality and add fields from multiple tables without affecting your original report.

Import Utility

The Import Utility is a tool that allows users to import data into your application. To do this, users create an import definition that maps data in a comma- or tab-delimited text file to the appropriate table in your application. The Import Utility uses an intuitive point-and-click method that allows data from a text file to be easily viewed and associated with fields from your application’s tables.

Resource Descriptions

The Resource Descriptions tool allows your users to view information about your application dictionary. This tool is designed to be used with a variety of products that enhance your application, including Dexterity, the Import Utility, the Report Writer and the Modifier. This information can also be a valuable tool for users to gain a better understanding about how data is stored in your application. The Resource Descriptions tool draws information about windows, tables and fields directly from your application dictionary, so users always view the most current technical information available for your application.


Dexterity applications support Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM). COM allows external applications like Microsoft’s Visual Basic or Borland Delphi to integrate with Dexterity-based applications through Automation. Products in the Continuum series of products use this COM interface to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Dexterity supports Microsoft’s Mail Application Program Interface (MAPI). This allows you to mail reports to users also configured with a MAPI mailbox. The report will be sent as an attachment file to the mail destination you select in a MAPI dialog box.

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