Database development

Dexterity uses a combination of dictionary resources to specify how data is stored in an application.

Data types

Dexterity allows you to define a wide range of standard data types, including string, integer, currency, text and boolean data types. A data type resource establishes a set of data storage and display instructions for fields that use that data type. Several fields can use the same data type. For instance, all fields used to store 30 alphanumeric characters can use the String30 data type:



Fields represent individual pieces of information in an application. Each field in an application uses a data type to specify its characteristics. Many fields can use the same data type. Fields can be used on windows and stored in tables. In the previous illustration, the Description, Customer Address and Company Name fields use the String30 data type.


When you define a table resource for your application, you group related field resources. This grouping is called a record. For instance, a record could include fields for a unique part number, a description, an item cost, selling price and a status. Together, these fields are used to create the Inventory Data table.

Currently, Dexterity supports three database managers that manage the tables in your application: Pervasive.SQL, c-tree Plus, and Microsoft SQL Server.

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