You will use sanScript, Dexterity’s scripting language, to add functionality and logic to your application. SanScript was developed specifically for Dexterity to provide functionality tailored to the requirements of graphical business applications. Unlike many traditional third-generation languages (such as Pascal or C) which require you to write long pieces of program code, sanScript is written in small segments, or scripts, that are attached to resources, such as fields, windows, forms and menus, in your application.

This script-based approach and sanScript’s English-like instructions are designed to make Dexterity applications easier to write than applications written with other languages. If you’ve had experience writing programs in other languages such as Pascal or BASIC, you will find sanScript very easy to learn.

Dexterity has a built-in editor you can use to write scripts. It also has a source level debugger to aid in debugging scripts, as well as profiling tools to optimize scripts.

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