Drop-down list

Storage size

2 bytes

Keyable length

Not applicable

Static values

Text for items in the list


The items in the list are specified by the data type definition or at runtime, using the add item statement. Items added at runtime aren’t saved in the application dictionary; they must be added each time the application is run.

The value of the field is an integer corresponding to the position of the selected item as it appears in the Static Text Values window. The items in this list are numbered sequentially so that the first item in the list is 1, the second is 2, and so on. If the static text items are sorted for display, the value of the field still is based upon the selected item’s position in the Static Text Values window, not its position as displayed in the list at runtime. Up to 32,767 items can be displayed in the list.

The change script for a drop-down list runs each time a new value is selected in the list, including each time the up or down arrow key is pressed to move to a different value.

You can select an item in the drop-down list by typing the first several characters of the item.

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