Temporary tables

To create a temporary table in Dexterity, create the table definitionl, but enter “temp” in the Physical Name field.

Dexterity will create temporary tables when they are first accessed. A unique physical name will be assigned to each temporary table when it’s created. If a specific temporary table is opened more than one time, each instance will have a unique physical name. Temporary tables will appear in the \WINDOWS\TEMP subdirectory for Windows, or in the tempdb database for SQL. Each table will be deleted automatically when it’s closed.

Temporary tables can be either c-tree tables or SQL tables, depending upon the Database Type you specified in the table definition for the temporary table. If you specified c-tree or Pervasive.SQL, the temporary table will be a c-tree table. If you specified SQL, the temporary table will be a SQL table. If you specified Default, the temporary table will be a c-tree table, unless SQL has been specified as the default database type for the application.

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