System color support - customizable

Dexterity maintains a list of system color categories that you can assign to window items. For instance, “System - Button Text” is one of the system color categories. You can set the color properties for a window element to use the color associated with a specific system color category.

The initial color used for each color category is derived from the operating system’s current color settings. If you don’t want to use the default color for a category, you can use sanScript code to specify a different color for the category.

Customizable system colors are the preferred way to support system colors in a Dexterity application.

System color categories

The following table lists the system color categories maintained by Dexterity.


System - Active Border

System - Highlight Text

System - Status Area*

System - Active Title Bar

System - Inactive Border

System - List Header1*

System - Active Title Bar Text

System - Inactive Title Bar

System - List Header1 Text*

System - Application Workspace

System - Inactive Title Bar Text

System - List Header2*

System - Button Face

System - Menu Bar

System - List Header2 Text*

System - Button Dark Shadow

System - Menu Text

System - Toolbar*

System - Button Light Shadow

System - Scrollbars

System - List Line1*

System - Button Shadow

System - Tooltip

System - List Line1 Text*

System - Button Highlight

System - Tooltip Text

System - List Line2*

System - Button Text

System - Window Background

System - List Line2 Text*

System - Desktop

System - Window Frame

System - Field Border*

System - Disabled Text

System - Window Text

System - Button Border*

System - Highlight



The categories marked with an asterisk (*) are specific to Dexterity-based applications. These system color categories don’t correspond directly to colors defined by the Windows operating system. Their initial color values are derived from the other colors defined by Windows.

When you add new fields and static text to a window, they will be assigned colors from the appropriate system color category. You can change the color category assigned if you wish.

Overriding a system color category

The initial color used for a system color category is derived from the current color settings for the operating system. Use the Color_SetSystemColor() function to specify a different color to use for a system color category. Use the Color_ResetSystemColor() function to reset the system color category to its default value.

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