The layout grid

The layout area has a grid that’s activated automatically when you open the layout window. When the grid is active, a check mark appears next to the Grid item in the Layout menu. Objects you add to the layout area will be aligned to the grid automatically, but existing objects in the layout area won’t be aligned to the grid. To align existing objects to the grid, be sure the grid is active, and then select the objects with the arrow tool and choose Align To Grid from the Layout menu.

It’s a good idea to use the layout grid when adding or rearranging items in the layout area, so items will be aligned automatically. You specify the size of the grid blocks using the Options window (accessed from the Edit menu). If you want to display the grid in the layout area, choose Show Grid from the Layout menu. To display the grid behind objects in the layout window, choose Grid to Back. To deactivate the grid, choose Grid from the menu to remove the check mark.

You can use the arrow keys to move selected items in the window one pixel at a time, regardless of whether the grid is turned on.

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