The Properties window

The Properties window is used to set several characteristics of the window and the objects in the window. To display the properties for the window, select Properties from the Layout menu. If it isn’t already open, the Properties window will appear.

Select an object in the layout area and click the tab indicating which type of property you want to view. Select from Object, Visual, or Script. To set a property, select it in the list and then change its value in the settings box.


Setting the property value involves choosing a value from a drop-down list, typing a value, or using a lookup. Some properties listed can’t have their values changed.


Property type


Some properties are set using a drop-down list.

Some properties have the value entered directly.

Some properties use a lookup to retrieve values.

Some properties can’t be set.

Double-clicking a property in the properties list is a shortcut to setting its value. For instance, double-clicking a property whose value is set with a drop-down list will set the property to the next value in the list.

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