Positioning the window

You can specify the opening position of windows when they’re opened in your application. This allows you to arrange where a group of windows will appear on the screen when your application is being used, reducing the time users spend organizing windows on their screen.

You should be aware of the other objects, such as palettes or other windows, that will be on the screen at the same time as the window you’re positioning. Use the following procedure to position a window in your application.

  1. Choose Position Window from the Layout menu.

The Position Window window will appear in the location where the window will be positioned at runtime. The default position and size coordinates are displayed in the window.

  1. Drag the window to the location you want it to appear when opened.

Note that the coordinates change each time you move the window. Use the coordinates in the window to more accurately position this window. When the window is positioned in the proper location, click OK.

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