Test mode tools

Several tools are available for use in test mode: the Runtime Script Editor, the Script Debugger, the Script Profiler and the Script Logger.

Runtime Script Editor

The Runtime Script Editor allows you to open and edit any existing script in the dictionary. You can make changes in your application and see the results immediately. To use the Runtime Script Editor, choose Open Script from the Debug menu. The Open Script window will appear.

Click the appropriate tab to indicate whether you are opening a form script, global procedure or global user-defined function. Then use the list boxes and drop-down lists to navigate to the script. When the script appears in the Scripts list, select it and click OK. The Script Editor will open, allowing you to edit the script.

As you become more familiar with attaching scripts, you will find it easier to select a script using the Open Script window.

Script Debugger

You have access to the same Script Debugger commands in test mode that you do in tools mode. Refer to Script Debugger for information about the debugger.

Script Profiler

Use the Script Profiler in test mode to analyze the performance of your application. Refer to Script Profiler for more information.

Script Logger

Use the Script Logger to keep track of which scripts have run in your application. Refer to Script Logger for more information.

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