Form-based Menus

Menus are found across the top of the screen in your application’s menu bar. With form-based menus, the content of the menus is defined in the individual forms for the application. Prior to Dexterity 8.0, these were the only type of menus supported. Menus that were defined as part of the Main Menu form were always accessible. Menus that were defined as part of other forms were displayed only when windows attached to those forms were displayed.

Microsoft Dynamics GP uses command-based menus. If you create applications that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP, most of the menus and menu items you create will be command-based menus. You can use form-based menus for your integration. Form-based menus will appear as submenus on the “Additional” menu in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

All references to menus and menu items in this portion of the documentation refer to form-based menus.

Information about menus is divided into the following sections:


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