Using menus

Menus have two basic uses: initiating actions and indicating options.

Initiating actions

You can use menus to initiate actions, such as opening a specific form or performing a calculation. To do this, assign the menu item for one of the predefined actions or attach a script to carry out the action.

Indicating options

You also can use menus to indicate and set options by using the check menu and uncheck menu statements to add or remove a check mark next to a menu item. For example, a menu can be used to select which taxes apply to a purchase. When the menu is checked, the corresponding tax will be included.

Enabling and disabling menu items

You can enable and disable menu items by using the enable menu and disable menu statements. These statements allow you to control when a user can select a particular menu item.

Controlling menu content

You can control the content of menus by using the change item statement, which allows you to change contents of a menu item. The following commands can also be used with menus.





Returns the number of items in a menu.


Returns the location of a specific item in a menu.


Returns the name of the item in a specific location in the menu.

hide menu

Hides the specified menu item.

show menu

Shows the specified menu item.

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