Menu types

You create form-based menus in Dexterity by defining them as part of a form definition. Form-based menus in Dexterity can be divided into two categories, depending on the form where the menus are defined: application-level menus and form-level menus.

Application-level menus

Menus that are part of the Main Menu form are always available for any form in the application. Application-level menus can inherit sets of predefined menu items, such as the items for Dexterity’s macro system.

Form-level menus

Form-level menus are used to add menu items that are specific to a single form. The menus defined for forms other than the Main Menu form are visible only when a window attached to the form is active. Form-level menus can’t inherit sets of predefined menu items.

If you use command-based menus for your application, any form-level menu you create will appear as a submenu in the “Additional” menu for your application.

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