Procedure: Creating a command

To create or edit a command, open the form definition window for the form where the command will be attached. Click the Commands tab to display the list of commands that have been defined for the form. Click New to create a new command, or select a command and click Open to edit an existing command definition. The Command Definition window will appear.

  1. Name the command.

Two names are required for a command. The Command Name is the name used in scripts, while the Display Name is the name displayed when the command is used in a menu or on a toolbar.

You can define an access key for the command by placing an ampersand (&) in the display name. The ampersand won’t be displayed in the command name at runtime. Instead, the character immediately following the ampersand will be underlined.

  1. Add a tooltip (optional).

When a command is used on a toolbar, it will display a tooltip if one is provided.

  1. Add a shortcut (optional).

The shortcut for the command is a combination of a modifier key (Control, Alt, or Shift) and an alphanumeric or function key.

  1. Specify the security form (optional).


  1. Specify the command type.

A command can open a form, execute a script, open a data list, act as a list of other commands.

  1. Specify the command images (optional).

If the command will be used on a toolbar, you may want to specify native pictures or icons to use. One image will be displayed in the normal state, and the other will be displayed when the command is in the checked state. For best display, images should be 20 pixels by 20 pixels.

  1. Specify toolbar options.

You can specify whether the command will appear as text, as an image, or with both the text and image.

  1. Specify ribbon options.

You can specify the default size and location of a command used in the ribbon for a data list. You can also specify the type of action a script command displayed on a ribbon will be performing so the command will be processed correctly.

  1. Click OK to save the command definition.

The command will appear in the list of commands in the Form Definition window.

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