Creating a resource library

You can create a resource library (a DLL) that contains resources used for your Dexterity-based application. A resource library is a standard Win32 DLL created with a development tool such as Microsoft Visual Studio®.

The following procedure describes how to use Visual Studio 2005 to create a resource library file that can be used by a Dexterity-based application.

  1. Start Visual Studio.

If it isn’t running, start Visual Studio.

  1. Create a new project.

In the File menu, choose to create a new project.

  1. Select the project type.

In the New Project window, expand the C++ project types. Select Win32 as the type of project to create. Choose the Win32 Project template.

  1. Name the project.

Specify the name and location for the new project.

  1. Create the project.

Click OK to create the project. The Win32 Application Wizard will be displayed.

  1. Specify the application settings.

Click the Application Settings link to display the settings for the new project.

Specify DLL as the type of application to create. Click Finish to continue.

  1. Add resource files.

Select the Resource Files group in the Solution Explorer.


In the Project menu, choose Add Resource. The Add Resource window will be displayed.

  1. Choose the resource type.

In the Add Resource window, choose the type of resource you want to add. In the following example, Icon resources are being added.


  1. Create or import resources.

Click New to create new resources of the specified type. Click Import to add resources of the specified type. For example, if you chose Icon as the resource type, you could import files of with the .ico extension.

Once a resource file has been added to the project, you can use the resource editor within Visual Studio to add additional resources to it. For example, the following illustration shows icons added to a resource file.


  1. Build the solution.

After the resources have been added, choose Build Solution from the Build menu. The resource library file contains the resources you added will be created.

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